• The Egoli Township Project


    "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

  • Tekiah's Ministry

    Change the lives of South Africa's poorest children

    Located on the outskirts of Cape Town, Egoli is a squatter camp consisting of over 2,500 shacks with around 25,000 destitute people crammed into the equivalent of two city blocks.

    The greatest victims of Egoli are the children. 60% of the population are under the age of 14, many of whom are orphaned or have no one to care for them. There are no facilities or safe places available to help feed these children and provide for their basic needs. Children often only have access to one meal a day, have no opportunity to go to school, lack proper hygiene, and lack the proper shoes and clothes to protect them from the cold.

    Characterized by hopelessness, extreme poverty, dangerous living conditions, and a high teenage pregnancy rate, the people of Egoli are in desperate need of help.

    The Tekiah Foundation has obtained land with plans to construct a church, sports fields, agricultural fields, and a community center to provide skills training, proper hygiene, education, and food for the people of Egoli.

    Two years ago, Pastor Brian Keet felt God calling him to serve the "least of these" by meeting the needs of the people of Egoli. As the head the Tekiah Foundation, his calling merged perfectly with the Foundation's goal; 'tekiah' literally translates 'a call to serve the community.'

  • The Tekiah Vision

    Construction for the building structures is currently underway. With the completion of these three objectives, Tekiah will serve as a place of refuge and regrowth, where needs can be met and lives can be changed. We believe the LORD will provide, and we hope you will partner with us to provide a future for Egoli!

    1. Purchase the Land

    We are in need of funds to fully purchase the land we are currently leasing.

    2. Build a Roof

    Structures have been purchased to serve as an early learning center, small kitchen, meeting facility, restrooms, and multi-purpose area. We are still in need of funds to purchase a roof for the church and community center.

    3. Send Children to School

    Once the facility is done, individual children or entire families can be sponsored to help kids go to school! Just $50 will purchase an entire school uniform as well as books and supplies for one child for the year.

  • Partner With Us

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    • Click the "Donate" PayPal button below to directly give to the ministry in South Africa for the feeding of the Egoli children.
    • These donations are currently sent directly to a trusted individual's PayPal account, so there are fewer processing fees, but your gift is not currently tax-deductible in the US or most countries.
    • The Food Fund is only used for buying and distributions cost of food and is not used to cover the Land Fund.

    Partner Through Baobab

    Giving Back!

    Baobab is a non profit organization focused on the empowerment of people who are without a hope. Finding a hurt and healing it, finding a need and meeting it. We instill hope and awaken vision.

    *All donations are tax-deductible

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